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Critically acclaimed Québécois filmmaker Sophie Deraspe’s provocative and timely adaptation of the classic Greek tragedy of the same name reimagines the story of a woman’s quest for justice as a commentary on the immigrant experience in contemporary Montreal.


Critical Notes

"The film is an incisive critique of the power imbalance between citizens and immigrants and the hypocrisy of an unjust justice system. It jolts the viewer out of complacency." - Kelsey Adams, NOW Toronto


Film Information

Director: Sophie Deraspe
Cast:: Nahéma Ricci, Nour Belkhiria, Rawad El-Zein 
Year: 2019
Runtime: 109 minute 
Country: Canada
Language: French w/e.s.t.
Distributor: Maison 4:3
Ratings: ON NR / BC NR / AB NR / SK NR / MB NR / QC NR / Maritmes NR



DateCircuit CentreLocation
April 01, 2020Shot in the Dark - Langley Film Nights
Langley, BC

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