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Sometimes Always Never

Sometimes Always Never

Alan is a stylish tailor with moves as sharp as his suits. He has spent years searching tirelessly for his missing son Michael who stormed out over a game of Scrabble. With a body to identify and his family torn apart, Alan must repair the relationship with his youngest son Peter and solve the mystery of an online player who he thinks could be Michael, so he can finally move on and reunite his family.


Critical Notes

"Often, the whole shebang plays like a rattle bag of tropes, digressions and stray running gags. Then again, that randomness is perfectly apt..." - Leslie Felperin, Hollywood Reporter


Film Information

Director: Carl Hunter
Cast:: Bill Nighy, Sam Riley, Alice Lowe 
Year: 2018
Runtime: 91 minutes 
Country: UK
Language: English
Distributor: Pacific Northwest Pictures
Ratings: ON NR / BC NR / AB NR / SK NR / MB NR / QC NR / Maritmes NR



DateCircuit CentreLocation
March 30, 2020Reel on the River
SilverCity Mission
Mission, BC
April 19, 2020Film Fest Port Alberni
Paramount Theatre
Port Alberni, BC

* Represents an approximate date. Please consult local listings.